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Vegetable Crop Calculator

I just started my allotment this year. I knew how much land I had but I found it really hard to work out how many vegetables I could grow. So I created this program to help me!

After you have entered all your seeds it press Export to show total area in the text box.

Use the arrow keys to cycle through various plants.

Once you press export it will make comma deliminated text that you could use in excel.



It was one of those days I get once a year or so, I really need a free Corel Painter program that lets me paint. Sure I have the free Artrage pacakge I got with the tablet but it lags. Finally I spotted this package. It really is no frills you paint thats it, but it has a ton of brushes and the output is much closer to how I would paint.

So dont laugh this is my first picture with this program which took around 10-15 minutes, be warned its random I was pressing all the buttons. I am quite impressed to be honest, it almost feels like im painting or using a pencil.

This software is free download it here MYPAINT